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Self-confidence is one aspect of personality that is very important in human life. Self confident people are confident about their own abilities and have realistic expectations, even when their expectations are not realized; they stayed positive and can take it.

Self-confidence is a mental or psychological condition of a person who gives a strong confidence in him to do or perform any act. People who do not believe in themselves have a negative self-concept, lack of confidence in his ability, because it is often kept to them. Self confidence is a mental or psychological condition, which individuals can evaluate the entirety of her strong belief in giving him the ability to take action in achieving various goals in life.
People who have good self-confidence, they have positive feelings toward themselves, have strong beliefs on him and had accurate knowledge of the capabilities. People who have good self-confidence are not the only person who feels capable of (but not really afford) but is a person who knows that he can be caused by experience and calculation that he did.
Synonyms:  aplomb, inner strength, positive self-image, self-assurance

Personality traits of people with low self-confidence
When this is linked to the practice of everyday life, people who have low self-confidence or have lost confidence, tend to feel / be as below:
Do not have anything (desires, goals, targets) which fought energetically
Do not have a decision to step decisive
Easily frustrated or give up when faced with a problem or difficulty
Less motivated to go forward, laziness or half and half
Often fails to accomplish its tasks or responsibilities
Awkward in dealing with people
Can not demonstrate the ability to speak and the ability to listen to a convincing
Often have unrealistic expectations
Too perfectionist
Too sensitive

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