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paranoia is the most psychotic disorders disrupt in social life . Paranoid people who could have been turned against his friends , both individuals and groups . He saw the danger that intimidate personal integrity and even his life to others. Starting from a false premise derived which typically sourced from a sense of inferiority and incompetence , he is convinced that all members of the family or the local community are being tortured in various ways . For example , if someone opens a window to circulate fresh air into the crowded room , the paranoid will accuse the person is trying to make it down with the flu . Finally the worst happens menyenagkan , where people would slam the window shut and ran out of the room up . When the delusional system is established, the patient is usually no longer trust the food that was served on the regular menu . He assured the people were trying to poison him . In an effort to escape from the supposition , he will behave unreasonably .


The most disturbing aspect of paranoia is he seen like a normal people in everything that are not related to the delusional system. He could have high level conversations, and people who do not know him well will not be able to see the difference in him. usually in the early stages most people fail to recognize strange behavior pnderita as symptoms of the disease. They interpret the words and the threat of violence as a form of release that anger alone. Sometimes they even discriminate against people and it makes the patient worse.
It would be very helpful if they are confirmed in people that they did not intend to hurt him. It is very difficult to destroy delusions system that has been arranged neat and worked for some time. The main obstacles when doing therapy is the attitude of people towards therapists tend to be regarded as a group of enemies.



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