Jumat, 08 November 2013

Judging A Person's Character by Color Clothes

What color clothes mostly in women's wardrobes? Actually, the color of the clothes not only can reflect one's mood, but also tells a female character.

Fashionspassion, website of the week (3/11/2013), renders, colors of clothing related to a person's character.

1. Black

The black color looks simple and create opinion people who love to wear black for want easy dipasangnya with any color.

Partly true, but the black color reveals more than just want to feel comfortable. So the black clothes reflect a serious personality and self confidence. That is why, most of the black color looks in the Office.

2. Brown

This soft and relaxing colors, reflecting the harmonious ones that make anyone believe it.

However, the color of this flexible must be grounded in combination with other colors to avoid boring look.

3. White

The color and look young. Wear white clothing and appearance you will attract people's attention.

4. Blue

Other color choices that show stability and serious character is blue. These colors are also recommended to use Office as it will show confidence.

5. Purple

This color most favored artists, why? This is because the color purple shows creativity and sensitivity. In addition, perfect to reflect kefemininan you.

6. Red

One of the most preferred color people are red. The color is full of passion, love, and romance. The color should be an option especially on the days you need maximum confidence.

7. Green

Green color indicates a creative personality and an unlimited imagination. In fact there are many shades of green that can be selected if this is Your favorite color. You need more than one to express yourself.

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