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Explanations of phenomena Gay

        The human body is so designed by the Creator for all entities owned used functions in accordance with the ' role ' of each , it turns out in practice is not as smooth as it was . Role as the man who inspired the creation lance outlet and inspiring women as sandblast outlet , do not obstruct those who want to change it . Men and women is now the man to man . "A spear with spear " . What encourages people to switch sides adam has long been a question mark for me , until finally the question marks turned into exclamation points when finding some explanations about it .
         The origin of why men can change and become gay , it turns out there is more than one . Bailey et al ( in Crookss & Baur , 2006) suggests some perspective on why some people become homosexual . First , from a genetic standpoint . Some say that a gay person has biological factors , such as hormones , which support a sexual interest in her fellow man .
          Not less interesting , from the perspective of gay psychoanalysis . The leaders who have viewpoints can be called the psychoanalytic or Freudian , agreeing that the baby is Polymorphous perverse , ie the direction of the infant 's sexuality has absolutely no difference whether male or female . Babies steer toward sexuality objects 'proper' and considered ' inappropriate ' . For example, for a baby boy , unconsciously , the infant sexuality directed towards objects like a key hole , glass , and other objects that symbolically symbolizes female sexuality . In the event of an error in directing their sexuality , it is possible that homosexuality will occur .
            Another case with a view of learning theory . Humans are sexual beings , but human beings are not heterosexual or homosexual . Thus , only through learning , people knew that the man would be homosexual or heterosexual .
             Lastly there is a view that emphasizes the influence of the surrounding environment , the sociology-cultural influences . The easiest example is the effect of ' labeling ' . Suppose we give a label to our friend that he was homosexual , over time , although our friend was a normal man , will think about what is said by those around him . Then from the process, it is possible that our friend has low self-esteem or easily swayed words of others, and be a homosexual .
DSM - IV was no longer include homosexuality as a category of psychological disorders .


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